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broach n : a decorative pin worn by women [syn: brooch, breastpin] v : bring up a topic for discussion [syn: initiate]

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  • a UK /bɹəʊtʃ/, /br@UtS/
  • a US /bɹoʊtʃ/, /broUtS/
  • Rhymes with: -əʊtʃ
  • homophones brooch

Etymology 1


  1. A series of chisel points mounted on one piece of steel.
  2. alternative spelling of brooch
series of chisel points
alternative spelling of brooch
See brooch.


  1. To make a hole in, especially a cask of liquor, and put in a tap in order to draw the liquid.
  2. To begin discussion about (something).
    I broached the subject of contraceptives carefully when the teenager mentioned his promiscuity.
make a hole in
  • Dutch: doorboren, aantappen
  • German: anzapfen
begin discussion about
  • Dutch: aanspreken, ter sprake brengen
  • German: ansprechen, aufbringen

Etymology 2


  1. To be turned sideways to oncoming waves, especially large or breaking waves.
    The small boat broached and nearly sank, because of the large waves.
  2. To cause to turn sideways to oncoming waves, especially large or breaking waves.
turn sideways to oncoming waves
  • Dutch: kapseizen
cause to turn sideways to oncoming waves
  • Dutch: kapseizen

Extensive Definition

Broach may mean:
  • Broach (metalwork) A metalworking tool with a series of chisel points mounted on one piece of steel.
  • Broach (sailing) A sudden instability in the heading of a sailboat when sailing downwind.
  • Broach (submarine) Submarines operating submerged are said to have broached the surface when a portion of the ship (such as the sail, bow, or screw) other than a mast or antenna comes out of the water. This is similar in intent, if not in 3-D direction, to the use of broach to describe instability in heading of a sailing ship.
  • BROACH warhead
  • Brooch (or broach): Decorative item designed to be attached to garments.
  • Bharuch (also known as Broach): city and district in south Gujarat state in India.
  • Broach (surname)

Synonyms, Antonyms and Related Words

advance, air, auger, bite, bleed, blue, bore, bring before, bring forward, bring in, bring up, chink, christen, cleave, clip, commend to attention, countersink, crack, crevasse, cut, cut open, decant, dispart, display, divaricate, divide, divulge, draft, draft off, drain, draw, draw from, draw off, drill, empierce, empty, establish, exhaust, expansive, extended, fissure, fix, float, fly open, found, give out, gore, gouge, gouge out, hint at, hole, honeycomb, impale, inaugurate, incise, induct, initiate, install, institute, interject, interpose, introduce, lance, launch, lay before, lay open, let, let blood, let out, lift up, make a motion, make known, make public, mention, milk, moot, move, needle, off-color, offer a resolution, ope, open, open up, part, penetrate, perforate, phlebotomize, pierce, pin, pink, pipette, pose, postulate, prefer, prick, propose, proposition, propound, pump, pump out, punch, puncture, purple, put forth, put forward, put it to, put out, racy, raise, ream, ream out, recommend, rent, riddle, rift, ring in, rip, risque, rive, run through, salty, scopic, separate, set agoing, set before, set forth, set on foot, set up, shady, siphon off, skewer, slit, spear, spicy, spike, spit, split, spread, spread out, spring open, stab, start, start going, start up, stick, submit, suck, suck out, suggest, suggestive, swing open, talk about, tap, tear, tear open, throw open, touch on, touch upon, transfix, transpierce, trepan, trephine, turn on, usher in, venesect, ventilate, wicked, wide
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